10 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Isn’t Working In 2021

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Blogging is a lot harder than most people expect and travel blogs are amongst the most difficult to maintain. Most people have vastly different ideas on what blogging is really like especially when it comes to the travel niche. There are a lot of different types of travel blogs you could start in 2021 but some types do tend to work better than others. Also, consider what your goal is when you start blogging. Do you want to make it your full-time job and earn income? Or do you just want a place to write every once in a while. Your approach will be very different depending on how you answer this question.

Why isn’t my blog working in 2021?

Many people will tell you that blogging is dead. In recent years social media has somewhat stolen the show and blogs are not at the centre of attention anymore like they were in the early 2000s. But you also need to consider that the number of people who us Google and the internet has vastly increased since then meaning that the possible exposure of your blog is a lot larger today than it was years ago. However, the travel niche has become extremely competitive especially as large companies are publishing their own blogs to draw traffic to their websites.

That’s why it’s extremely important to give your blog the best possible chance to grow. Even if you do everything right and avoid all the mistakes on this list of reasons why your blog might not be working in 2021 there is still no guarantee that you’ll be successful. The internet is an unpredictable place and sometimes consistency is key. You can’t expect to grow exponentially and the beginning is always the most difficult. Anyone who tells you you’ll be earning considerable amounts of money with your blog in only a few months is most likely lying.

What’s the most important thing for making your blog successful in 2021?

The most important thing for bloggers is always content. You could be making every single mistake on this list but if your content is unique and extremely useful to the reader your blog could still take off. That’s why you still sometimes find ancient websites that look like they were created on Windows 95 but they’re still somehow up and running and getting millions of views in 2021. If they provide useful information that can’t be found anywhere else they’ll attract visitors even if the user experience is disastrous.

As a blogger, there are a million things to do. Between social media, photos, web design, plugins, backups, link building and graphic design you shouldn’t forget about your blog posts. In the end, they are the only thing that matters and what will attract readers to your site. Everything else can wait.

That being said, here are the ten most common reasons why your blog isn’t working in 2021.

10 Reasons why your blog isn’t working in 2021

  1. Your logo is bad
  2. Your url doesn’t end in .com
  3. Your blog name is confusing or too long
  4. Your photos are bad
  5. You’re relying on free stock photos
  6. You’re not using WordPress
  7. You built your website yourself
  8. You’re not using a lead magnet to build your email list
  9. You’re writing about what you like not what you’re readers care about
  10. You’re not using social media to drive traffic
  11. You haven’t used Ahrfs to audit your site
  12. Your website is slow
  13. Your blog is too personal
  14. Your blog isn’t personal enough
  15. Your writing sucks
  16. You don’t post regularly
  17. You’re not using SEO
  18. Your branding isn’t cohesive
  19. You’re mixing blogging niches
  20. You’re not using guest or collab posts
  21. You’re not maximising on content
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