Australia has the Australian dollar (AUD) which you can easily get from ATMs or banks. 1 Euro is equal to 1.55 AUD and 1 US Dollar is equal to 1.29 AUD.


The weather in Perth is usually warm with hot summers during December to March and cool winters in May to August.


The official language of Australia is English although there are a lot of regional aboriginal languages as well.

Quick Facts

Perth is an incredibly under-rated city located in Western Australia. Since it’s the only major city on the West Coast a lot of people come here to visit Rottnest Island and to enjoy the incredible beaches in the area. It’s a hotspot for students and backpackers and has a lot to offer. The city is very dispersed and at just under 2 million inhabitants it’s incredibly large. Fremantle is definitely the place to go for travellers. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood with lots of arts, museums and breweries. Definitely add it to your bucket list.

Budget and Prices

2-week budget trip (2 people, without flights) – AUD 2200 (~ €1,505)

2-week mid-range trip (2 people, without flights) – AUD 3600 (~ €2,460)

Box of 24 beers in a liquor store (no-name) – AUD 30 (~ €20.50)

Box of 24 name brand beers in liquor store– AUD 60 (~ €41)

Bottle of wine in liquor store – AUD 12 (~ €8.20)

Pack of 20 cigarettes - AUD 35 (~ €23.90)

Pint in a pub – AUD 8 (~ €5.50)

Meal in a budget restaurant – AUD 10 (~ €6.85)

Meal in a nice restaurant – AUD 20 (~ €13.70)

Soft drink in a restaurant – AUD 4 (~ €2.75)

15-minute Uber ride – AUD 40 (~ €27.35)

Hotel room for 1 night – AUD 100 (~ €68.40)

Hostel room for 1 night – AUD 25 (~ €17.10)

Campsite for 1 night – AUD 20 (~ €13.70)

Public transport ticket – AUD 4 (~ €2.75)

When to go

The summers in Australia are the best season to visit for tourists. The weather will be best during the months between November and March. You’ll be less likely to encounter rain and temperatures will be warm enough to swim and spend time outside. You’ll find tourists year round in Perth although most backpackers tend to gather here during summer. Winters will be rainy but still nice. Prices will be more affordable although you won’t get to enjoy the beautiful beaches as much.

Where to stay

Perth has an incredibly large number of neighbourhoods so it can be overwhelming to choose. Fremantle should definitely be at the top of your list. This is a little sea-side neighbourhood is perfect for backpackers and those who enjoy the arts. You’ll find lots of little breweries here and museums. Fremantle is also the main access point for Rottnest Island so if you plan on visiting the island staying in Fremantle is a great choice.

The city centre of Perth is also great for tourists. It might be a bit pricier but you’ll be close to all the attractions and have great links for public transport. You can easily catch trains and buses from here and will be within walking distance to a lot of attractions.

Perth is divided in two by the Swan River. The city center is located in the north which is also where you’ll find the best beaches. The south of Perth is also a good place to stay in neighbourhoods like Victoria Park or Carlisle. This will be the best spot for affordable Airbnb apartments so if you’re trying to save money have a look at places in this area.

How to get around

Perth has a fantastic public transport system with trains and buses. You can get almost anywhere in the city via bus. The buses are decently affordable and quite reliable. You can buy a bus ticket that can be used on all modes of public transport, even some of the ferries. The trains are comfortable and easy to use. The lines are a bit limited but will get you from the city centre to Fremantle for example. Perth also has a free bus system which is called CAT. They operate in loops and exist mostly around the city centre and Fremantle. You can just hop on and off free of charge. To get to Rottnest Island you need to catch a speedboat which is a little bit more expensive than regular ferries.

How to get to Perth

Perth is the most isolated city in the world. It’s the only major city on the west coast of Australia and it takes hours to reach it. A lot of people take a road trip to Perth and see smaller towns on the way. Perth also has a decently sized international airport which has a good selection of flights. You can catch a connecting flight from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or any other major airport.

Top 10 Places

Rottnest Island


Cottesloe Beach

Heirisson Island

Maritime Museum

North Bridge

Fremantle Historic Prison

King’s Park

Elisabeth Quay

Swan River

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