My Camera

Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera

My Drone

Hubsan Zino (upgrading soon)

My Editing

Adobe Lightroom Classic and CC

Taking photos while you travel

Photography is tricky as it is but it’s even more difficult when you have to carry all your gear with you all the time and have to worry about lost baggage. You need to only take the absolute necessities and sometimes it takes some time to figure out what that actually is. Get a camera that you’re really comfortable with and then build your equipment from there. It’s always worth it to wait an extra day when you’re travelling so you can have a day with perfect weather. Bad lighting will make any photo bad and unsalvageable even in editing.

Best photo and video editing tools

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Da Vinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro

Premiere Pro


Find your style

Photography is a very personal thing and every photographer has their own style. You need to find your style although there is of course always room for experimentation. If you’re not sure where to start you should take some time to go through other popular photographer’s posts and see what resonates with you. If you have a certain style of photograph that you enjoy more than others then try to base your own style off of it and make it your own.

Learn Photography

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a complete beginner there is always more to learn when it comes to photography. As a blogger you need your photos to look impressive. The internet is a visual medium so design and photography play a large role. In the beginning most people start out with taking photos on a phone which is a fantastic way to get started. To truly learn about photography though you’ll need to get a camera eventually. There are very affordable options out there starting at just a few hundred euros. Invest some time into learning about good lighting and how to shoot manual on a camera. Don’t forget to play with alternative mediums like drones, action cameras and maybe even get into videography eventually. Editing is definitely key so learn how to use Adobe Lightroom which is the absolute best when it comes to editing programs. Always experiment and don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to see the results you want.

Packing light

The question everyone always asks is if you can be a travel blogger and only take photos with your phone. The answer is technically yes but it will definitely make you limited in what you can achieve. Packing light is really important but taking a good camera will change the way you take travel photos. Iphones are getting better and better and their cameras are very close to normal cameras at this point. But there is still a difference and we highly recommend a camera over a phone any day.


If you’re getting started with photography one of the best ways to figure out how to edit will be using presets. These are made for Adobe Lightroom, which is the best photo editing program available. You can use them on your phone or desktop and they act as a sort of filter you’re putting over a photo. You can then adjust each individual slider and will get some new ideas for how you can edit your photos in a different and unique way.

Travel photographer must-haves

A large, stable tripod

Mirrorless camera

Small drone (with correct license)

Waterproof camera bag

High-quality SD cards


GoPro dome

Rugged hard drives

Light-weight laptop

ND and Polariser filter

Small gimbal

Extra batteries

USB charging station


Lens cleaner

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