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Twitter might not be the first social media platform that comes to mind when you think of blog promotion. However, you can actually build a very active follower base on Twitter especially if you use it consistently. While Instagram is popular but not the most effective for bringing visitors to your website, Twitter is actually a lot more collaborative and is much closer to the blogging medium since it’s far less visual but relies more on written content. Not everyone uses Twitter but people who do are usually quite enthusiastic about it and spend a lot of time on the platform. Here are things you should b doing right now to promote your blog on Twitter.

How often should you post on Twitter to promote your blog?

You’ve probably heard before that different social media platforms have different lifespans when it comes to content. While Pinterest pins are at one end of the scale with a lifespan of several months, tweets are unfortunately notoriously short-lived. A tweet only has a life expectancy of around 18 minutes which means that you need to tweet A LOT to be noticed. Of course, don’t assume this means meaninglessly spamming your audience to grab someone’s attention but definitely consider that with Twitter more is actually more.

As a minimum you should try to tweet at least once a day, ideally 3 to 5. Luckily, tweets are short and sweet so this shouldn’t be too time consuming. You can use a scheduling app like Later to help you keep your tweeting consistent. If you can commit to spending a considerable amount of time on the platform you can tweet around 10 times per day although you shouldn’t overdo it.

What should I tweet to promote my blog?

The easiest way to promote your blog on twitter is of course to tweet a link to your newest blog posts with a short description. This is definitely very effective especially if you use relevant hashtags. I also like to incorporate old posts and promote them every once in a while although doing this too often might be repetitive to your audience so use with caution. If you have a lot of blog posts live on your website tweeting about old ones is a fantastic idea since your followers most likely don’t remember them or weren’t around to read some of the older posts. Definitely experiment to find out which posts are getting a lot of clicks and which ones don’t do so well so you can adjust your tweets.

Creating a community

Tweeting about blog posts is great but it does get boring after a while. If you’re following a blog on Twitter you don’t only want to read about their posts but also gain some other benefit. Travel blogs have the disadvantage that they can be very niche oriented and most readers will only be interested in specific destinations meaning it’s hard to inspire them to read different content. Twitter is a very community-oriented platform so creating a conversation is absolutely key to succeeding here. Try to tweet other things as well such as open-ended questions, travel tips or really anything you can think of. Twitter is really about entertainment and to encourage retweets you need to come up with original thoughts. Of course, there is nothing harder than that and it’s not something you can schedule or plan. Try to get into the habit of tweeting whenever you come up with something interesting. Luckily, you’re allowed to recycle content ideas so maybe the next time you post on your Instagram story or TikTok try to repurpose the idea into a tweet as well.

Your Twitter Profile

As is the case for any social media account your Twitter profile should be looking professional and clean. Try to add some keywords and maybe even a hashtag or two into your bio but don’t make it too cluttered. Adding in your website is an absolute must of course but that’s obvious. Also, take some time to come up with a nice header that catches the eye. You can incorporate your logo or blog name into it or use sites like Canva to make it look good.

Twitter also gives you the option of a pinned tweet which is an incredible tool. This tweet will stay at the top of your profile and is the perfect spot to put things that every new follower absolutely needs to see. What you put here is up to you but you could introduce yourself quickly, place a well-written marketing copy for a product that you’re selling or even just your absolute favourite blog post that really encourages readers to click.

Twitter Followers and Hashtags

Gaining followers on Twitter is relatively easy

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