Mexico’s currency is the Mexican peso (MXN or MEX$) although you can also pay in US Dollar in many tourist locations. 1 Euro is equal to 30 MXN and 1 US Dollar is equal to 20 MXN.


Mexico is large so the climate differs but in general there is a wet and a dry season and hot temperatures year-round.


The official language of Mexico is Spanish although the dialect is slightly different than European Spanish. English is also very wide-spread especially in tourist areas.

Quick Facts

Mexico has a population of 127 million people making it a large country with many facets. Of course, tourists come to Mexico for beautiful beaches, affordable prices and a laid-back lifestyle. However, outside of the tourist resorts Mexico also has different sides which are less touristy. In the past few years, the coast of Yucatan especially has become a favourite among digital nomads and expats who appreciate the beauty of the area and the lifestyle. Mexico City might not be as well-frequented by tourists but is definitely worth a trip as well. Between Mayan ruins, cenotes, dream-like beaches and some of the best food in the world Mexico is an absolute paradise.

Budget and Prices

2-week budget trip (2 people, without flights) – MXN 21,500 (~ €1,080)

2-week mid-range trip (2 people, without flights) – MXN 43,100 (~ €2,170)

Bottle of wine in liquor store – MXN 120 (~ €6)

Large beer in a bar – MXN 30 (~ €1.50)

Meal in a budget restaurant – MXN 80 (~ €4)

Meal in a nice restaurant – MXN 250 (~ €12.60)

Soft drink in a restaurant – MXN 25 (~ €1.25)

15-minute Uber/Taxi ride – MXN 220 (~ €11)

Gas price per liter – MXN 20 (~ €1)

Coffee in a cafe – MXN 20 (~ €1)

Basic phone plan per month – MXN 170 (~ €8.55)

Public transport ticket – MXN 10 (~ €0.50)

When to go

Mexico has different areas so it’s hard to generalise when the best time to go is. Generally December to April is considered the dry season which is when most tourists visit the country. Spring break is really popular for Americans who come to Mexico to party and enjoy the sun. During this time prices may be a bit higher and you’ll get lots of crowds although the weather is usually fantastic. May to July is more rainy but still has great potential for good weather on most days. It’s usually quite warm and you can get plenty of time at the beach. Watch out for seasonal algae which tends to wash up at Mexico’s beaches during this time. It can be a bit annoying during a trip and usually occurs on Yucatan’s coast line.

Where to stay

Mexico is large and there are plenty of choices of interesting places to see. Most people come to Mexico for a beach vacation and on any trip time by the coast is an absolute must. However, Mexico also has plenty of great places to see in-land including some beautiful cities.

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico but it’s actually not the first choice for many tourists. It’s definitely well-worth a visit though if you enjoy culture and sightseeing. There are plenty of interesting spots around town although Mexico City also has some safety issues so it’s important to stick to some of the more tourist-friendly neighbourhoods. Teotihuacan is an incredible archeological site close by that you absolutely need to see.

Yucatan is definitely a hot spot for tourists especially when it comes to Tulum, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Cancun has a decently large international airport so it’s easy to reach. This coast has incredible beaches and gorgeous nature so anyone will love it here. It can get quite touristy especially during the high season but there are always more remote areas you can go to instead. Come here for nightlife, a digital nomad community and lots to see and do.

On the other coast lies Cabo San Lucas which is yet another tourist favourite. Come here for beautiful beaches, nightlife and lots of activities.

For a more authentic Mexican experience you should go to Merida or Oaxaca. These smaller cities are known for their cultural experiences and delicious cuisines. You’ll love the colourful lifestyle and the many attractions here.

How to get around

Mexico is very large so if you’re going from one coast to another you should look into booking flights which will be the quickest option. The long distance bus system in Mexico is also very good and will take you to most important spots around the country. The seats are incredibly comfortable and also quite affordable. Definitely try taking a bus while you’re in Mexico especially for longer distances.

Within cities or larger towns you’ll most likely also find short distances buses which will take you to important spots. Ride-sharing services are also gaining popularity and will be more affordable than traditional taxis. Always be careful when taking a taxi and only use a taximeter to avoid possible scams.

How to get to Mexico

Mexico City, Cancun and Guadalajara are the largest airports in Mexico and the main access points for tourists. Mexico City has a very large airport so taking a flight there and then a connecting flight is a great choice. You could also drive to Mexico from the United States although crossing the border might take some time in some cases. Make sure you have all the required paperwork ready and factor in some time.

Must know words

Hola - Hello

Adios - Goodbye

Uno - One

Dos - Two

Tres - Three

Por Favor - Please

Gracias – Thank you

Lo Siento - Sorry

Donde? – Where?

Come estas? – How are you?

Cuanto cuesta? – How much is it?

Bien - Good

Yo no entiendo – I don’t understand

Estoy perdido – I’m lost

Aqui - Here

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