Indonesia has the Indonesian Rupiah (RP or IDR) which you can obtain from ATMs in Yogyakarta. 1 Euro is equal to 17,000 IDR and 1 US Dollar is equal to 14,500 IDR.


The weather in Yogyakarta tends to be dry and warm from April to October and more wet and rainy from November to March.


The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia (sometimes referred to as just Bahasa). There are also a variety of regional languages such as Javanese and Balinese.

Quick Facts

Yogyakarta is a mid-sized city located in Central Java, Indonesia. It has a population of just over 400,000 people and experiences more local tourism than international visitors. It’s most well known for being the main access point to the famous Borobudur Temple which lies just a short drive outside of the city.

Yogyakarta is a city full of arts and culture. With numerous attractions and day-trip opportunities this is a fantastic place to spend a few days or even a week. It’s definitely an underrated place in Indonesia.

Budget and Prices

1-week budget trip (2 people, without flights) – IDR 4.5 million (~ €300)

1-week mid-range trip (2 people, without flights) – IDR 9 million (~ €605)

0.33-liter local beer in a supermarket – IDR 30,000 (~ €2)

0.33 liter local beer in a bar – IDR 35,000 (~ €2.40)

Meal in a budget restaurant (warung) – IDR 15,000 (~ €1)

Meal in a nicer restaurant – IDR 60,000 (~ €4)

Soft drink in a restaurant – IDR 10,000 (~ €0.70)

15-minute Grab/Gojek scooter ride – IDR 15,000 (~ €1)

Basic Hotel room for 1 night – IDR 150,000 (~ €10)

Nicer Hotel room for 1 night – IDR 350,000 (~ €23.60)

Hostel room for 1 night – IDR 75,000 (~ €5)

Gas price per liter – IDR 9,000 (~ €0.60)

Coffee in a local warung – IDR 5,000 (~ €0.30)

Laundry washed and dried per kg – IDR 5,000 (~ €0.30)

Public transport ticket – IDR 5,000 (~ €0.30)

Scooter rental per day – IDR 60,000 (~ €4)

Car and driver for 8-hours (including petrol and parking) – IDR 300,000 (~ €20.30)

Ticket to Borobudur – IDR 350,000 (~ €23.60)

When to go

Yogyakarta is located in Java which means it experiences a wet and dry season. The dry season in Indonesia is usually warm and sunny with a very small chance of rain. This is when the majority of tourists visit Yogyakarta so places like Borobudur will be most crowded. However, you’ll have a high chance of having incredible weather and won’t have to worry about storms in the area. The dry season generally goes from April to October while the wet season takes place between November and March. During this time the sky is frequently overcast, and it rains regularly. Prices in Yogyakarta will be slightly cheaper and you’ll encounter fewer other tourists.

Where to stay

Yogyakarta has a distinct tourist area where you should stay while visiting the city. The majority of attractions and hotels are gathered around Malioboro Street which is the central point for nightlife, shops and street food. You should pick a place to stay somewhere close by for the best possible experience. As Yogyakarta actually only has a handful of bars or restaurants that serve alcohol the nightlife scene looks a bit different here. Malioboro Street will fill with visitors and tourists in the evening as street food stalls pop up and street performers appear. This can go on until well past midnight s if you enjoy a lively experience make sure to stay close by. You’ll have everything within walking distance which is a fantastic way to get to know the city. Anything a bit further from Malioboro Street is still a good choice as long as you can still walk. Staying too far away would not be recommended since it will take you too much time and effort to reach places of interest.

How to get around

Yogyakarta’s attraction are all located very close to each other so you can actually walk to most places. There are also public buses that are very affordable and convenient although it takes some time to master the system. Around Malioboro Street you’ll find a ton of Tuk-Tuks which are a fun way to see Yogyakarta and should be done at least once. The most convenient way to get around town are by far Grab or Gojek which are local ride-sharing services that will make your trip a lot easier. For longer distances such as a trip to Borobudur you should hire a driver.

How long you should stay in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has a lot to offer and you can easily spend three full days in the city without getting bored. Then you should add at least two or even three days for day-trips which leaves you with five to six days you should be spending in the city.

Top things to do


Goa Pindul

Malioboro Street

Fort Vredebrug

Taman Sari

Royal Palace

Alun Alun Square

Mount Merapi

Bukit Rhema

Greweng Beach

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